Helpless giant

Venerable Tribhuvan University (TU) is neck-deep in problems—a resource crunch, management lapses, decaying buildings, agitating teachers and falling student enrolment.


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The baffled voters

Effective voter education programmes are necessary to reduce the number of invalid ballots

Umesh Raj Regmi, Jun 23 2017

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War on words

Branding feminists as terrorists may be libellous because ‘terrorist’ is a highly politicised term

Archana Thapa, Jun 23 2017

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Sanctity of judiciary

Criticism should aim at strengthening the judiciary through reform, not at weakening it

BARUN GHIMIRE, Jun 22 2017

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Complex problem, complex approach

This election has been an opportunity to politicise people, both by boycotting it and by vigorously campaigning for it

Pramod Mishra, Jun 22 2017

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The deep south

When I was in Janakpur five years ago, people were worried by the uncertainty that hung over the region.


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Unnatural encounters

Individual demonstrations of ethical and moral stands become particularly powerful when the formal structures that are built to sustain our collective norms and values are subordinated to political interests.

AJAPA SHARMA, Jun 21 2017

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Standing with refugees

By the time you finish reading this sentence, someone on the planet will be forced to flee his or her home due to persecution, human rights violations or war.

KEVIN J ALLEN, Jun 20 2017

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Students to greener pastures

Almost 1,500 Nepali youths are leaving the country daily to work in the Gulf or Malaysia. Most of them are unskilled and uneducated; their sole purpose is to earn money to survive.

KABI ADHIKARI , Jun 20 2017

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The new workforce

Decent work means opportunities for every­one to find employment that is productive and that delivers a fair income, security in the workplace, social protection for families, better prospects for personal development, and social integration.

BHAWANI RANA, Jun 20 2017

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Chaos in Qatar

For those of us who lived in a country that reeled under a blockade when it was just recovering from a devastating earthquake, news of a nation being obstructed by another takes us down the memory lane.

Sujeev Shakya, Jun 20 2017

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Who is lying?

The government claimed that its decision on June 15 to postpone the local level elections in Province 2 to September 18 was taken in accordance with an ‘agreement’ or ‘understanding’ with the Rastriya Janata Party (RJP-N).

ACHYUT WAGLE, Jun 19 2017

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A long way to go

Recently, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) projected that Nepal’s real GDP will grow by 7.5 percent in the fiscal year 2016-17, the highest growth rate since 1994.


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