Getting into murky waters

Oli undermined geopolitical sensitivity by inviting the Pakistan PM as his first guest

SARIN GHIMIRE, Mar 22 2018

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Politics in a man’s world

Given the requirement to follow the principle of inclusion in the PR part of the election, who you are becomes crucial

Deepak Thapa, Mar 22 2018

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Regal broach

Last week, the India Foundation organised its annual counter terrorism conference in New Delhi. One of the topics of informal discussion on its side-lines was the plausibility of the revival of the Nepali monarchy.

ACHYUT WAGLE, Mar 21 2018

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Forests for life

Deforestation and degradation have resulted in a rapid loss of the world’s forests which provide several ecosystem services along with environmental, social and economic benefits that facilitate human well-being.


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Another man at the helm

One month after Prime Minister KP Oli was sworn in, Nepal entered a new political and administrative structure and setup. To sustain the momentum, political stability, economic enhancement and security arrangements are required.

BINOJ BASNYAT, Mar 20 2018

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An unresolved agenda

Despite many progressive laws for women in the new constitution, the provision of citizenship is unequal and fails to protect a woman’s natural and inalienable right to her child in conferring nationality to her/him autonomously and unconditionally;

Anjita Parajuli, Mar 20 2018

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Track 2 diplomacy

During the 2015 blockade, KP Oli’s diplomatic efforts to balance against New Delhi by inviting Beijing to Nepal proved to be especially fruitful. However, it also brought myriads of issues, with international relations pundits saying that Indian moves in Nepal in the future would be ‘silent and more hostile’.

SAURAV RAJ PANT, Mar 20 2018

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Qatar, beyond labour

The new government has set economic growth and foreign investment as its top priorities. Earlier in March 2018, Qatari businesses expressed interest in setting up production plants to bottle natural mineral-rich water in Nepal so they could be exported to Qatar.


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Challenging times

The recently released mid-term reviews of the fiscal year (FY) 2017/18 by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) point to challenging macroeconomic times ahead. Briefly,

Chandan Sapkota, Mar 19 2018

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Hard day at the office

Workplace harassment laws in Nepal mainly focus on sexual harassment in offices: Is that enough?

Giri Bahadur Sunar, Mar 18 2018

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Conscious-free living

Humans kill other organisms to create everything from toothpicks to medication


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Hydro-powered dreams

Significant investment in infrastructure needed to meet development challenges


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