Nail culprits of Madhes

KP Oli has an old-world constituency to pursue divisive politics that is practically perilous for the national interest, and his scant knowledge makes him uniquely placed to hard-sell an unfiltered version of nationalism.

Atul K Thakur, Mar 26 2017

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Are journalists opinion-makers?

On several occasions, I have been referred to as a journalist. While I have never identified myself as a journalist, I have been writing about my personal views as a political analyst.

Khagendra N Sharma, Mar 26 2017

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Accountability crisis

Accountability is fundamental to a federal democratic government, and it cannot be compromised as ministries and the bureaucracy are answerable for their actions.


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Perspective on Indian inclusiveness

Not only can Nepal learn from India’s inclusionary polity, India too can learn from Nepal’s exercise in inclusiveness

Jainendra Jeevan, Mar 26 2017

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Cleaning the drainage

Nepal’s development bottleneck is largely due to the behavioural problems plaguing our leaders, bureaucrats and general citizens

BHOJ RAJ POUDEL, Mar 24 2017

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Corruption cure

Nepal’s state of affairs is bleak, and unless we hold local level elections, what is in store for us could be worse

PREM DANGAL, Mar 24 2017

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Looks can be deceiving

Recent rise in anti-immigrant sentiments has made the Nepali community in the US fearful

CHANDRA GIRI, Mar 24 2017

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The Israeli way

Nepal’s education system can learn a few things from Israel, like dropout prevention

Umesh Raj Regmi, Mar 23 2017

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Farcical law

There is no reason to be alarmed by any political view, so long as there is no attempt to inflame violence

Deepak Thapa, Mar 23 2017

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Human versus national security

What comes first, human or national security? This has been an enlivening, yet a never-ending debate. In the case of national security, threats are only variants of orthodox-external dimensions.

MAHENDRA P LAMA, Mar 22 2017

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Tourism is changing

Tourism has been characterised as a system rather than as an industry because it consists of several interrelated parts working together to achieve a common purpose.

Aditya Baral, Mar 22 2017

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Shifting winds

The results of the elections to five legislative assemblies in India were recently announced.

Prakash A Raj, Mar 21 2017

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The bandwidth bottleneck

Internet policies of developing countries have long dreamt of an inclusive internet that can bridge the proverbial digital divide and noticeably contribute to economic growth.


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Fast track to lost track

Given Nepal’s enormous infrastructure gap, its lack of political will and consensus to develop large infrastructure facilities confounds rational thought.

SEMANTA DAHAL, Mar 21 2017

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