If the BJP emerges victorious

Not since Indira Gandhi would India see such a concentration of power in the hands of a single individual.

Kashif Islam, May 20 2019

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No more bad management

The role of effective governance cannot be overstated for achieving sustained economic growth

Narayan Prasad Wagle, May 20 2019

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We need to promote high-end tourism

Unless we attract high paying clients, revenue from Nepal’s tourism industry will not see a meteoric rise.

Sujeev Shakya, May 20 2019

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Youth engagement in agriculture

If there are high-paying jobs in the country, youths will have no reason to go abroad.


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Social roots of authoritarianism

We blame the prime minister’s ‘authoritarian’ tendencies for constricting the space of civil society, but we need to do some introspection.

Ajaya Bhadra Khanal, May 19 2019

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There is good debt, and there is bad debt

Rejecting a project just because it involves debt is as ill-advised as it is to take on a project haphazardly.


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Musing about music

Songs have played a pivotal role in many political and rights movements.

Ramesh Timsina, May 19 2019

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Nepali women abroad

Effective policies should be created to make life easier for women migrant workers.

Prabha Poudel, May 19 2019

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Spokespersons, please step aside

The call of transparent governance is to hold briefings and provide answers with respect and dignity.

P KHAREL, May 19 2019

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Poised to scale new peaks

The country may be land-locked, but its location is an asset that can be leveraged to attract more investments.

Hans Peter Lankes, May 17 2019

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Can a bus change the way children are taught in Nepal?

A group of primary school children are huddled around Aakrit Shrestha, a Book Bus instructor, who holds a cylindrical contraption built of chart paper and has a few illustrations on the inside frame.

AMISH RAJ MULMI, May 16 2019

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Too hot for comfort

In southern Nepal, temperatures of above 40 degrees Celsius are becoming normal.


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Know thy self

Oftentimes, in our quest to be globally informed, we tend to forget the local history and practices

Deepak Thapa, May 15 2019

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