Elusive justice

Why have we let singular narratives define victimhood?


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With eyes wide open

Chinese investment in South Asia brings both benefits and burdens

Mahendra P. Lama, Nov 14 2018

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New dimensions of cooperation

Non-traditional security governance requires a transnational approach

GAO LIANG, Nov 13 2018

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Channelising international finance

A transparent multi-stakeholder approach is the way forward

Madhukar Sjb Rana, Atul K ThakurNov 13 2018

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Dents in macro stability

Rapid economic deceleration is reflective of governmental oversights

ACHYUT WAGLE, Nov 13 2018

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Reconstruction for retention

Shortly after the devastating earthquake struck Nepal in 2015, tourism—one of the largest industries in the country— faced a tremendous downfall. Tourist arrivals dipped down by 30 percent compared to the previous year. Fortunately, the number has risen since, reaching its all-time highest—closer to a million people—in 2017.

Prayash Raj Koirala, Nov 12 2018

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Lost in summit

The government is planning to organise an investment summit around March 2019 despite having nothing much to show since Nepal Investment Summit in March 2017.

Chandan Sapkota, Nov 12 2018

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ICT in education

If teachers can use social media sites, they can use educational web applications too


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How much is enough?

An enquiry into the ethics of the human population

Amulya R Tuladhar , Nov 07 2018

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Tihar musings

Festivals give you an opportunity to reflect and observe

Sujeev Shakya, Nov 06 2018

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Understanding urban safety

The way cities are designed can prevent or expand violence against women and men

Barsha Chitrakar, Nov 04 2018

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Meddling for morality

It is only with a sense of morality can we preserve humanity and empathy

RAJIV GAUTAM, Nov 04 2018

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