Politics and policing

Evidence suggests a strong police-politician nexus has the potential to embolden criminal elements

Subindra Bogati, Feb 24 2017

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Revisiting the NGO numbers debate

There is nothing ‘overwhelming’ about the increase; if anything, it is a fact to celebrate, not condemn

AVASH BHANDARI, Pratyoush OntaFeb 24 2017

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Institutions adrift

Cooperatives play a key role in economic development, but they need an overhaul


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Old heads on young shoulders

Student elections have become no more than an extension of the patronage politics on the national stage

Deepak Thapa, Feb 23 2017

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A welcome step

Madhesi Morcha should take local elections as an opportunity to establish their agenda among the people


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Globalisation in the mountains

We have to rebuild and sustain traditional practices in the face of encroaching global influences

MAHENDRA P LAMA, Feb 22 2017

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Racing against the clock

On February 10, the mandates of Nepal’s two truth commissions were extended for one year, the maximum time extension allowed under the law that created them, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act.


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Nakarmi, who designed ground breaking water mills, dies at 71

Not known to many outside the renewable energy fraternity, Akkal Man Nakarmi was a prominent innovator in conserving, protecting, and modernising traditional water harvesting technologies and the most influential individual contributor to micro-hydro development in Nepal.

Bibek Raj Kandel, Feb 21 2017

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Super zones

Less than 20 percent of Nepal’s land area is cultivable, but 33 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 50 percent of the exports depend on the agriculture sector; it is a major source of food, income and employment for most of the people.

YUBAK DHOJ GC, Feb 21 2017

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Re-measuring Mount Everest

Survey of India is re-measuring the height of Mount Everest according to an announcement in Hyderabad during the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the institution.

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Feb 21 2017

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Realising peace potential of constitution

The process of building a democratic federal state requires reconciling various competing needs of its constituents and international stakeholders.

TATSUSHI ARAI, Feb 20 2017

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Powerful Nepali women’s challenges

It dawned on me the other day while responding to the questions of a female journalist and my erstwhile student of literature that the Nepali state is reaching a climactic moment in its decision-making process,

ABHI SUBEDI, Feb 19 2017

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