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Sonam Losar celebrated with fanfare (in photos)

Posted Feb 16 2018 by Post Report Filed under Sonam Losar, tamang community

Tamang people from Mahayana tradition across the country celebrated Sonam Losar-the beginning of the New Year—with much fanfare on Friday.
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Tundikhel glitters as Nepal Army marks Army Day

Posted Feb 13 2018 by Post Report

Nepal Army personnel demonstrated spectacular performances in Tundikhel, Kathmandu on Tuesday evening organised to mark Army Day and Hindu festival Mahashivaratri. The evening atmosphere looked glamorous with colourful firecrackers covering the sky.
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Sadhus throng Pashupatinath Temple for Maha Shivaratri (In photos)

Posted Feb 12 2018 by Post Report Filed under Mahashivaratri festival, Pashupatinath temple

With the Maha Shivaratri festival less than a day away, preparations are in full swing for one of the biggest Hindu festivals dedicated to the Lord Shiva.
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Madhav Narayan festival concludes (In photos)

Posted Jan 31 2018 by Post Report Filed under Madhav Narayan festival, Swasthani Brata

The month-long Shree Swasthani Brata and the Shree Madhav Narayan festival concluded on Wednesday, the full-moon day in the lunar month of Magh.
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Snowfall draws visitors to Chandragiri hill (in photos)

Posted Jan 24 2018 by Post Report Filed under Chanragiri Hills, snowfall, rainfall, Westerly wind

Many people from Kathmandu valley rushed to Chandragiri hill to catch a glimpse of snowfall after a strong cold wave coupled with rains plunged the temperatures on Wednesday.
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Rising above adversity

Posted Jan 20 2018 Filed under coaching classes

An early riser, Sisam Tamang revises her lessons before she heads to school every morning. After school, she goes to the church to attend coaching classes. During her leisure time, she helps with daily chores at home. She also loves dancing.
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Sonam Losar celebrated with fanfare (With photos)

Posted Jan 18 2018 by Post Report Filed under Sonam Losar, new year

Tamang people across the country celebrated Sonam Losar—the beginning of the New Year— with zest and zeal on Thursday.
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Maghi observed in Tudikhel (in photos)

Posted Jan 15 2018 by Post Reoprt

People from Tharu community thronged at Tudikhel, Kathmandu, on Monday to mark their annual festival Maghi. Marked as the beginning of New Year, Maghi is the biggest festival of Tharu community.
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Students stage sit-in demanding dust-free Kathmandu

Posted Jan 12 2018 by Anuj Kumar Adhikari, Prakash Chandra Timilsena

In a symbolic gesture against the growing pollution in Kathmandu, Nepali Congress (NC) aligned students reached Kathmandu Metropolitan City office and handed over dust and mask to Deputy-mayor Hari Prabha Khadgi on Friday.
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Prithvi Jayanti marked in Kathmandu (In photos)

Posted Jan 11 2018 by Post Report

Different organisations and political parties on Thursday organised vairous programmes to mark the 296th birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah, also known as National Unity Day.
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A wild year

Posted Jan 06 2018 Filed under flora and fauna, Nepal, Asian Openbill, White-throated Kingfisher, Black Stork, Red-headed Vulture, Great Cormorant, mugger crocodiles, Chital, Eurasian Wild Boar

What a year it has been. From 5416m above sea level down to 286m, it has been a year filled with various assignments and places to explore.
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