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Where is the justice?

- Rabina Karki

Feb 15, 2016-

Dear Neha,

After hearing about what happened to you, a part of me got shaken. I feel frightened now and am restless. Every day I read news of girls being raped, tortured and murdered. It scares me. It makes me want to curse myself for being a girl. Tears roll down my eyes whenever I listen to such news. Whenever I go out, I feel teased by filthy eyes. I think twice before wearing a dress nowadays. I’m frightened of being judged for my attire. Our society calls us Goddesses, but treats us like animals. It kills our self-esteem, crushes it and reminds us with scars. I feel insecure everywhere I go. I’m afraid of being the next Neha. There are thousands of Nehas in our society, suffering. Some of their stories get told, but some of them are hushed, treated like something to be ashamed of. Being a girl, I can understand you and your agony. I can see your soul crying for justice. Why does our system fail to protect us? Where is our so called government? Why aren’t the laws enforced? Where is the justice? Our nation fails to protect us then fails to give us justice. And when we have the courage to stand up against it, we are proved wrong.

How cruel and pathetic can people be? I feel horrified and sad to be part of such a society in this 21st century.

I’m sorry, Neha. I am sorry for the price you had to pay for being a girl in Nepali society. I am sorry I have not been able to do anything for you. I am sorry for being a girl, Neha. A girl just like you.



Karki is a class 11 student at Reliance International Academy

Published: 15-02-2016 08:48

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