Let’s stand once again!

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- Prem Sharma

Nov 13, 2017-

Ever since the establishment of human civilisations, we have gone through many ups and downs. From the nomadic stone age to today’s modern era, humans have overcome a great number of obstacles and have also experienced severe cruelty in all parts of the world.

Nepal is no exception to this trend. Over time, Nepal has been governed by a number of different dynasties. The first dynasty to govern Nepal, as the Kathmandu Valley was known, was the Gopal dynasty. The last dynasty to rule the country, however, was the Shah dynasty. 

Nepali people have fought bravely against external invasions as well as internal dictatorships many times. Many brave and great people have sacrificed their lives at different periods and during different conflicts. An example of such occurrences would be when the people attempted—and ultimately succeeded—in over throwing the Rana regime or the Panchayat.

The sole purpose of the people who sacrificed their lives was to establish a stable, peaceful, prosperous and democratic Nepal. But this goal has not yet been achieved even to this date. All we are doing is talking about rights and freedom. We are not substantiating our words with action. And we never talk about a constructive and practical roadmap for a prosperous Nepal, and we never talk about how to implement such a roadmap. 

Along with the establishment of a republic system in the country, anarchy has been established in all governmental as well as constitutional organisations of our country and in all aspects of society. Corruption is deeply rooted and social apathy is prevalent. All the national bodies are not free from politics.

The most energetic and creative manpower is being drained to other countries. We people are also somehow responsible for this condition of our country. We have failed many times in selecting the most dynamic, creative and honest leadership through elections.

Now, it is time to stand once again and practice justice in the name of our mother land. It is time to create a foundation for a prosperous Nepal. The elections of the federal parliament and provincial assemblies are upcoming. Once again we have to stand on 

our own two feet and penalise the cunning and selfish leaders and reward the real, patriotic ones.

We accept that politics is the major policy of country. But Nepali politics has been turned into a means to gain power and wealth rather than being regarded as a social service. Nepali politics is really being polluted.

Nepal has turned into a safe house for criminals and this is breaking the backbone of the common people. Now we have the opportunity to cleanse our politics of dirt by using our valuable vote properly. 

Published: 13-11-2017 08:41

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