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Dec 7, 2017-

Death, it sounds frightening. But slowly, we are all moving towards it. Isn’t it important for us to realise deeply that we experience the presence and absence of some people? They are not with us now, but they were with us for sure. What if I ask you where are they now? Or was their existence meaningless? If the answer is yes, don’t you think the same thing is going to happen to you? And if not, what is there after death?

What can be more important for us than life itself? To understand what we actually are. We all know our years are numbered; but still, we are busy making money and adding properties unnecessarily as if we are immortal. Here I am not ignoring the need for money, but just keeping it in its place based on the limited timeframe of life. Will I have to be old with wrinkles on my face to realise what all this was for? Now, as we understand the importance of realising our existence beyond the physical reality, we need to accept that we are not here just to make a living. By knocking the door with this acceptance, a new dimension of understanding can open for us. Who will open the door? God? Actually, I don’t know, but there is a journey called spirituality. Don’t assume I am talking about any religion. In the real sense, spirituality is understanding and experiencing the self beyond physicality.

What is the need for it? This question must be hitting your mind right now. Is there any way that this body, which you consider all that you are, will remain young, healthy or always the way you want it? No, you will suffer diseases, your legs will give up as you grow old and your mind will not remain fresh as it sued to. Is there anything stable? So, just think where you are leading with your limited understanding of your reality. Looking at the nature of life. I feel that spirituality is our basic need.

Spirituality is not about believing, it is about experiencing. It’s not about keeping information and concepts in your mind, it’s about being in the moment and experiencing yourself, and it’s about being conscious. Now let’s come to the point. It’s important for us to understand that the way we define God is all information and concepts which we never experienced. Ask yourself: Is there anything that you know about God that came with your experience? For sure, belief in God has been our need. But there is a way that can solve all the mysteries of God, the life in you and the answer to all of your suffering. And that way is spirituality.

Published: 07-12-2017 07:47

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