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When one road stops, another begins

  • poetic license
- Anand Vijay Gurung

Apr 14, 2018-

The winding road smoothes down

and runs parallel

to the broad, calm river.  

Like two straight lines running together

with the same intensity.

Soon the road takes a curve, the river bends.

Bringing to mind a picture of lovers

mimicking each others’ moves

and making amends.


The mild afternoon sun makes a rapid route

across a line of tall poplar trees,

flittering through, gleaming, hiding

As if trying to keep pace with the jeep

that drone fast through the asphalt roadway.

The river on the other side is a

shifting mass of a green plate

traversing the rugged hills,

only losing its calm

to abrupt ferocity, rushing 

and gushing

through a narrow gorge.

Sunlight glinting on shiny water-beaten rocks,

then a trail of light on waters that soon turns calm, still  


And while I reasonably look forward to

reaching my journey’s end.

The road and the river seem

to be in a ceaseless, fervent affair.

It seems as if till the time

they are together

they don’t want to leave

nothing to chance.

And soon enough, another curve and bend

brings to end their romance.


Perhaps in some other place and time

they will unexpectedly find

each other once again

and continue in their

journey endlessly.


When one road stops, another begins

A small stream turns into a gushing river,

flows and sings. 


Published: 14-04-2018 08:11

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