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Nov 22, 2018-

With the passage of time, I feel I am getting closer to one sentence, “Life is all about diversity.” Every second of my life is different. Some days, I get up very early in the morning in a very happy mood; but when I get to bed, I am really upset. Some days, I feel fine in my pajamas, and the next day I want woollen clothes. Some days, I cannot take a single step without an umbrella; and some days, I find them to be useless. Some movies are great for some while others think they are terrible. Some people are crazy fans of cricket while some find it a complete waste of time.

During my childhood, I felt quite confused why everyone didn’t study science and become a scientist. Later, I came to know that I don’t have the idea of versatility of each subject. As I grew up, I got to know the theory of diversity. And I found out that neither scientists nor artists by themselves can handle the world. Fools are equally important as wise people. They have different roles in the world. One can never replace the other. So genders, castes and religions exist.

The most important thing is how well you accept these diversities. Life is not just about accepting things as they are. It’s about how we can mix our smiles with them and make them more diverse than they are. All diversities come to every single person in the same way, but it’s our attitude that makes them more diverse. There lies a single line between happiness and sorrow, that is acceptance. Some incidents come to us in unknown ways. They may be failure, dissatisfaction, poverty and so forth. The way we see them defines them. Life is not about expecting similar things that we are used to. It’s about accepting the unexpected with a smile. Life is definitely a puzzle, and its solution lies in the diversity of smiles and laughter.

At various points in our life, we play different roles. In the beginning, we are just a kid, and then we become a school student, later a university student, and then an employee. And the most interesting thing is that in the future our kids too play different roles. And the world continues with its diverse phases of human life.

A world without diversity cannot be even imagined. The sun is beautiful because of its diverse colours, and the moon is beautiful because of its beautiful craters. Nature is beautiful because of its diverse colours. The mountains are beautiful because of their diverse views. A novel is good because of its diverse readers. An organisation is successful due to its diverse employees. People are beautiful because of their diverse characters as a child, student, parent and professional. So, beauty lies in diversity and its acceptance.

Published: 22-11-2018 08:11

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