Stories By 'Rupak Dhakal'


Rupak Dhakal, Jun 20 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018I have been falling the whole time,so peaceful and calm.But, always in an illusionthat I should be the one flyingthe one reaching places,the one searching for others facesand the one in a vicious circle.
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These days the stars don’t shine,like back in the day.And I need wineto mediate the silence.
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I walk. ​The light projected by the tungsten lamps exudes a sense of harmony. Everything is calm. The leaves of the trees float, lost with the mockery of air. Down the street, you can see the light that illuminates the pitch darkness. There are fallen twigs and leaves down the street and a sweet aroma of spring is spreading all over.
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Rupak Dhakal, Apr 04 2018

The perpetual longingI feel for your presencehas made me shallower, has made me vacant,
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Rupak Dhakal, Aug 23 2015

A man walks along a hallway, through a crooked path, narrower and deeper. No light penetrates into the place. It is pitch-dark. There is very little indication for you to know what time it is.
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