Stories By 'Rupak Dhakal'


Rupak Dhakal, Mar 30 2019

I fancy pain.Last night when it rained,in the drops,you drizzled all around.The gloom scattered colours,
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Rupak Dhakal, Dec 12 2018

A nightdrowned in the winestaring at the starsbeyond the horizonof where we existI tried to scribbleyour eyesthen nose and mouthslowly the face
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Rupak Dhakal, Nov 14 2018

There was a day, So perfect as you see of now; Warming and loving, In the arms of people you loved.
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Rupak Dhakal, Nov 07 2018

Of times that blended, magic in the air, I miss every single day, and every night that has passed.I have an irresistible desire, To be at the place,Where I have always been,But this irony of life,strikes me hard.
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Rupak Dhakal, Oct 31 2018

It’s just the breath, In and out.The sounds of a clock,The presence of heartbeats,The heaviness of thoughts,The floating emotions,
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Rupak Dhakal, Sep 26 2018

By the fire we sat;so numb and silent.And in the flamesthey dancedso quiet,And so peacefully;
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