Women Power Up

Feminism in the margins, a Madhesi perspective

In the 1950s, when women’s right movement got into shape in a concentrated manner to fight for the rights of women worldwide, the ripple effects were seen in Nepal as well.

RITA SAH, Feb 18 2017

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Representation of women

Media’s imagination of women is limited. While this has confined women’s representation in media to stereotypical roles, it has also shrunk our social imagination of women and their capacities. A quick skim of media is more than enough to assess women’s portrayal in media.

Sumina Rai Karki, Feb 18 2017

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Questioning the Questions: Caste struggle against structural minds

While returning home after a walk one morning, I bumped into a friend from my hometown.

Sarita Pariyar, Feb 18 2017

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Ladies first

When Nikita Acharya, 23, started her entrepreneurial journey in 2012, little did she know what lay in store. Today.

SANJEEV GIRI, Feb 18 2017

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The scourge of stereotype

Congratulations! The Kathmandu Post is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and it reminds me of my 25 years in the medical service of this country.

Dr Arpana Neopane , Feb 18 2017

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Women in politics

Bikram Sambat 2073, which corresponds to 2015-16, will be remembered in Nepal’s political history as the year when women assumed three among the top five government positions.

Binod Ghimire, Feb 18 2017

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A ‘competent’ woman politician —a rhetorical excuse?

In November 2013, Nepal was going for second Constituent Assembly elections. The political parties made their candidates for both First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representation (PR) systems.

PRANIKA KOYU, Feb 18 2017

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We may have come a long way, but there is much to achieve

Nepal saw the emergence of the organised women movement only after end of the autocratic Rana regime in 1951.

Mohna Ansari, Feb 18 2017

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From a guerilla fighter to humble Speaker

Never before in history of Nepal had women occupied the posts of President, Chief Justice and Speaker at a time.

Feb 18 2017

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