Year of Reckoning

Thank god for the phones

When the ground began shaking just before noon on April 25 last year, and houses started tumbling down all over, the first thing people did after recovering their composure was that they tried to call everybody they knew.

BIBEK SUBEDI, Apr 24 2016

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The great divide

The Tamang, they’re shy and scared of strangers, they lack awareness,” said a local schoolteacher in Bhukhel, south Lalitpur.

Shradha Ghale, Apr 24 2016

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Light of HOPE

Dr Pradeep Vaidya comes out of Operation Theatre (OT) wearing a green garb on Wednesday evening. He had entered the OT some five hours back to operate on a patient with pancreatic cancer and comes out with a gleaming face

Manish Gautam, Apr 24 2016

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Tourism industry bounces back

Nepal is back on the map of global tourism and the industry is meeting a positive turning point after the tragic earthquake on April 25 followed by India’s trade embargo during Nepal’s peak tourist season last year.


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The youth who could

When the ground beneath his feet began shaking last April, Janak BK, 25, was in Dhulikhel at a youth conference.

Post Report, Apr 24 2016

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Life in the huts

Pratima Ramtel was four years old when the earthquake destroyed her house on April 25 last year.

Dipesh Khatiwada, Apr 24 2016

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Good samaritans recall their experience

The role played by youths in the aftermath of the Gorkha Earthquake last year has been widely recognised.

Apr 24 2016

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Children of the gods all dance

Some nights, he has a dream. More a nightmare than a dream. It tends to happen more often when the sky is black with rainclouds and the wind screeches through the windows.

Pranaya SJB Rana, Apr 24 2016

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Building back better?

Bhola Nath Bajgain, 47, from Sundardanda in Kavre district started building a house on his own, after life under a tarpaulin tent became unbearable for his family of six.

PRAGATI SHAHI, Apr 24 2016

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A year after: Lessons not learned

A number of geoscience and earthquake engineering experts inspected the earthquake-damaged buildings in Kathmandu in the immediate aftermath of last year’s M7.8 event.

Naresh Koirala & Bishnu Pandey, Apr 24 2016

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The year that was

It’s April again, the time when dry winds pick up and blow roofs away. As the winds twirl little circles of dust and the sky crackles with a flash of lightening, the heart starts pounding. Not far away from here, someone’s home will be destroyed again.

Subina Shrestha, Apr 24 2016

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