Jagadamba installs device to cut pollution


Oct 6, 2014-

Jagadamba Steel Industries has installed modern equipment at its manufacturing facility in Simara in a bid to lessen environmental pollution. The management claimed that this was the first such machinery imported into Nepal.

The high-tech pollution control measure was taken as per an agreement with the locals who had been complaining about the pollution being caused by the factory. As per the deal, the company had agreed to bring such machinery by mid-October 2014.

According to Jagadamba, the Japanese-made equipment has been installed at a cost of Rs 200 million. Locals had been complaining that the

gas produced by the factory was causing them health problems.

The factory had also received complaints that the gas was affecting the flight of aircraft passing over Simara.

“The new machine will address these concerns,” said Pawan Gupta, director of the factory. The locals who had lodged a protest against the industry have also called off their agitation. “The modern plant will control 70 percent of the pollution,” said Gupta. “We will complete the remaining 10 percent of the task and resume production at the factory.”  

The newly-installed equipment will collect the gas produced by the factory and stop dust particles and black gas from circulating outside and release only pure air into the atmosphere.

Kishore Tripathi, coordinator of the Jagadamba Steel Pollution Prevention Struggle Committee, said that the installation of the new plant had reduced the health risks of the general people. Likewise, airport staff said that the machine would make aircraft take-offs and landings easier.

“The gas produced by the factory used to make the sky dark,” said the official. “We are hopeful that the situation will change once the machine comes into operation.”

Published: 07-10-2014 09:45

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