Peace and compassion

  • Unfortunately today, most people are doing the opposite of what Buddha taught

May 10, 2017-

Born in Lumbini in present-day Nepal 2,561 years ago, Siddhartha Gautam became the Buddha, the enlightened one, and wandered around spreading his message of peace and compassion. He has also been called the light of Asia. His inspirational messages point the way to a better and more meaningful human life. His visions of humanity, gentleness, truth, kindness, compassion, nonviolence, harmlessness, tolerance, forgiveness, integrity and simplicity can turn the world into heaven if properly applied. Most people in the world respect Buddhism regardless of the religion they follow because it is related to peace, which is the major goal of human beings.

Buddha was a prince, the son of king Suddhodhan and queen Mayadevi. If he had wanted to, he could have lived a luxurious life. But he wanted to seek the source of peace, and so left his throne, wife and son to go on his search. This is the greatest example of his sacrifice. Through extreme efforts, he achieved enlightenment which he used to heal the pain and grief of human beings. Due to his boundless devotion and dedication to humanity, he is called Lord Buddha.  

State of conflict

Unfortunately today, most people are doing the opposite of what Buddha taught, due to which human society has become very complicated. People are becoming very selfish and self-oriented. The divine principles of helping and healing are being forgotten. People are busy obtaining success by hurting and harming others. The sense of truth has been lost. People are cheating, betraying others and doing injustice to them. The tears of the people have become worthless. Other people’s rights are being violated. Terrible offences like torture and homicide are increasing. People have become blind. They don’t see other people’s troubles. They have become deaf. They don’t hear others’ painful appeals. 

Inhumanity is spreading in human society. Innocent humans and animals have become targets of violence. In the context of animals, many are slaughtered in an inhuman way. Many animals are tortured. There is no sense of mercy. In most places in the world, the feeling towards animal rights is very weak. In this 21st century too, animals are slaughtered in the name of making gods happy. Such superstitions are still spreading.

There is a dearth of discipline, honesty and sincerity. People often lie to others. It has become difficult to trust others easily. Morality has declined. Many people are uncivilised in deeds and words. The use of vulgar words has become common among people. Many people are being tortured through senseless or impolite words and deeds. The sense of tolerance is weak in humans. They don’t respect others’ wishes. They ignore others’ needs. People become so stubborn and cruel that they can’t apologise to others and create an environment of hatred and disturbance. 

Self-serving trend

Human civilisation can be civilised and prosperous through integrity. But people are divided with regard to common and essential goals too. People create arguments that are not relevant and disturb noble goals. As a result, the common people have to face disturbances. Generosity and simplicity are declining. People show arrogance because of power, position and money. They feel happy by subordinating others. People don’t want to make sacrifices, instead they want to own whatever they can. Most people ignore charity and social service. They only think about themselves. Many people have become antisocial. As a result, embezzlement, theft and corruption are spreading.

Due to the brutality and ego of powerful people, many countries in the world are facing severe violence and disturbance. Due to brutal wars, people are losing their lives, many are becoming handicapped and many are suffering from extreme shock after losing their loved ones. Due to the result of hatred and rage, many common people are facing troubles and hurdles. Many countries in their quest to become powerful are rapidly producing deadly atomic, chemical and biological weapons. 

These weapons can destroy the entire human civilisation which is the result of millions of years of evolution. Wicked terrorists without hearts and minds are spreading terror. The world is in a trap. The world has faced two dreadful world wars. Einstein is reported to have said that if there is a fourth world war, stone weapons will be used. The trend of human behaviour has made a mockery of Buddha’s messages. To be happy and to make society, the country and the whole world peaceful and full of virtue, Buddha’s messages are vital today, and so will they remain forever. Lots of respect to Lord Buddha! 


- Bhattarai is a Nawalparasi-based writer and journalist

Published: 10-05-2017 08:01

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