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Oct 10, 2017-

Rampant corruption, of course, has fuelled the backwardness of this country. It is a fact that corruption, like other social evils, such as bribery, nepotism and favouritism, has found acceptance in the social psyche and behaviour of our county. Though not all politicians are corrupt, even a few can ruin this entire democracy and eat away at public money (‘Fighting corruption’, September 22, Page 6). So there has to be an independent law enforcement agency that punishes any big shots in the government—as long as the allegations against them are proven. Corruption from every walk of life has been destroying every democratic institution that our forefathers cherished for. A corruption free system is not a favour granted to us by politicians. It is our constitutional right. We must remember that the fruits of progress can reach the masses only if we control corruption. Corruption is spreading like an uncontrolled virus and eating into our very existence. If every citizen comes forward to punish the corrupt, the cancer of corruption can be stemmed.

- Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad, India



On the face of it, the types of clarifications demanded of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Caan) chief Sanjiv Gautam gave the impression of a witch hunt (‘Govt asks irrelevant questions to fire Gautam’, September 25, Page 1). The alleged meeting held to purportedly edge out the incumbent director reportedly consisted of some big names, including a private trader and son of a political heavyweight, and other public servants. So, it cannot have anything to do with job efficiency, but to take the chair away from a popular and obedient employee. Not even Lord Vishnu can clarify the 

why’s and how’s relating to several issues including the Spanish contract termination, the Nijgarh delay, the slow pace of work at Pokhara airport or the fight between the Chinese and Nepali contractors for the spoils of the Lumbini airport. The clarification that was asked of Gautam during this witch hunt will hopefully come from the Singapore International Arbitration Centre within a short period of time.

- Manohar Shrestha, Via email

Published: 10-10-2017 08:20

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