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Dec 15, 2017-

Major problems related to traffic jams are created by micro buses, local buses and taxis (‘Authorities pilot smart traffic light project at two places’, TKP Online, December 13). Due to the lack of protocol on designated drop and pick up places, a bottleneck has been created for other passing vehicles. If this could be managed properly, we would have less traffic jams.

- Shailesh Rajbhandari, 

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To some extent, I think smart traffic lights can help manage the traffic (‘Authorities pilot smart traffic light project at two places’, TKP Online, December 13). Synchronisation is an old, established system. I wonder why it took so long for Kathmandu to use it. However, to solve the root of the problem, which has to do with a fast-growing number of vehicles, the only solution is to build mass transit and get people off the roads and to use public transportation. There is no other alternative. 

- Vivek Singh, 

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The promises made by the left alliance to the people should be upheld. Now, there is no alternative but to achieve a consensus between all political leaders and parties. The left alliance should be humble about their victory and behave in a dignified manner with other forces (‘UML on top as FPTP vote count concludes’, Page 1, December 14). 

At this juncture, people have endorsed their agendas and given them a golden opportunity to lead the country. Therefore, they should proceed to meet the aspirations of the common people. It is the time to stop blaming each other and moving ahead with consensus, unity and cooperation. People are fed up with corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, instability and so on problems. Now we want a strong, stable, and sovereign government that can fuel development. The ruling parties should take the opposition parties on board. 

- Prakash Sarki,

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All the local, provincial and federal level elections were successfully held in accordance with the new constitution. Voters enthusiastically participated in all the polls regardless of sporadic bomb blasts and attacks on candidates. Vote counting under the First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) system of the provincial and federal elections are over. Total votes cast under the Proportional Representation system will be distributed among the contesting political parties using the ‘Sainte-League’ formula. Under this system, each party’s votes are divided by a sequence of odd numbers until enough quotients are found to allocate all 110 seats of the House (‘How PR seats are allocated’, Page 2, December 13).

The left alliance comprising the CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) has won the majority seats in both the provincial and federal elections. This indicates that the voters wanted to see a change in the existing political environment. The frequent changes of government in the past was a major obstacle for the overall development of the nation and a big concern of the people. Only the leaders of the political parties benefitted from that unstable political environment. Still, it is yet to be seen whether the left alliance of the UML and MC will remain intact in the days to come and fulfil the promises they made during the election campaign. I would not be surprised if this left alliance breaks up in the coming days considering their past political activities.

The Nepali Congress (NC) was the big loser in the recent elections. Voters seemed to be less optimistic about its future political performance based on its past political blunders. The impeachment motion against the then Supreme Court Chief Justice, political interference in the appointment of Inspector General of Police and a jumbo Cabinet of 64 ministers undermining the elements of new Constitution were some issues with the Deuba led government. The intra-party political feud of NC also contributed to its weak performance. The time has come for the NC to seriously contemplate its past weaknesses and political blunders in order to avoid sliding further down the political drain in the days to come (‘Deuba ‘in no mood’ to resign as NC chief’, Page 1, December 13).

- Rai Biren Bangdel,


Published: 15-12-2017 08:29

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