Jan 26, 2018-

Sukhi wanted to be friends with everyone but she had difficult time opening up. Her friends list on Facebook had already crossed 2000, yet, she had a very small ‘real’ friends circle. 

It was Prashamsa’s birthday eve. Prashamsa was popular. People looked up to her. Sukhi thought that if she was the first one to wish birthday to the ‘popular girl’ on Facebook, she might have a chance on being Prashamsa’s friend. 

“She might even befriend me,” Sukhi thought. 

Sukhi, in this hot, summer night, cuddled inside the blanket with her mom’s phone hidden in her pocket and pretended to sleep. When her mother came for an inspection to see if Sukhi had slept, she was happy to know that her daughter met the bedtime deadline. She quietly stepped in, gave her daughter a goodnight kiss, and went to sleep herself. 

Sukhi was relieved now. She put on her large glasses and started scrolling the Facebook feed. 11:00, 11:15, 11:30! She was glad that her wait was about to come to an end. Her glasses had become all vapoury. Just then, her mom’s phone rang. 

“Oh Lord! How could I forget to put the phone on silent mode?” She said to herself while bringing down phone’s volume. 

The phone rang again. Sukhi ignored it because she was busy wiping her glasses. It kept ringing. ‘Dad’, read the contact. She ignored it again. 

It was 12:00 am finally. She posted a birthday message and went to sleep. At 12:45, a call came again, but because Sukhi had kept the phone on silent, the call was missed.


“Oh Lord!” Sukhi woke up to loud wails. She rubbed her eyes and put on her glasses. 

Scratching her head, she went to where the sounds had been coming from. She was welcomed with the mess she had created. The wails were coming from her mother’s heart.

The mother rose from the floor, walked right towards Sukhi and slapped her hard on her cheek. Sukhi’s eyes filled with tears. 

“Why Sukhi?” Her mother yelled. Sukhi was unnerved. “Why did you take my phone yesterday? And why didn’t you get Grandpa’s call? Thanks to your carelessness, your grandmother is no more.”

Sukhi went to her room wiping her tears that she had so much tried to control. 

“This girl’s fuss couldn’t let me go to meet my mother in Vaishakhi. And now I lost my chance to say my goodbye.” Sukhi heard her mother’s cry from her room. 

Sukhi cried, put on her school dress, and with uncombed hair marched too early to school that day. Prashamsa didn’t even notice the heartbroken girl who quietly entered the class and sobbed in a corner.

Bibhuti Shah

Grade 10

Shree Padma Kanya Vidyashram

Published: 26-01-2018 08:21

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