Goodwill Ambassador

Sep 25, 2018-

It seems Nepal’s  Ministry of  Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation have made a hurried and wrong choice in appointing Jaya Prada as the goodwill ambassador for the next four years (‘Indian cine artist Jaya appointed  goodwill ambassador’ September 22, TKP Online).  Jaya Prada who was an Indian cine artist during the 70s, has little to do with Nepali tourism, neither with being well known internationally. Certainly, no one knows Jaya in China from where Nepal gets its highest number of tourists. At the same time, Nepali embassies and consulates  abroad should work closely with Nepal Tourism Board, NAC  the Nepali diasporas to host a series of build up events to promote Nepali tourism, culture and its attraction as a global quality destination focused on preserving the local environment. Unfortunately, when it comes to promotion, Nepali ambassadors and embassies abroad feel constrained due to lack of financial resources, not lack of personal will.  The Nepali Prime Minister himself should head the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign globally with close involvement of NRNA and all political parties. We are all here to help, but first let us start with the daily clean up of Kathmandu valley. We must also make sure the international airport projects are all completed on time.

Surya B. Prasai

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Counting the stripes

The iconic big cats are majestic creatures. The equally beautiful and ferocious species—the tiger—have roamed the plains of Asia for years. But over time, their population decreased drastically, making them endangered as people continuously hunted them for its skin and bones. Amid this, it is refreshing to know that the number of wild tigers in the country has almost doubled in the last decade (‘Nepal doubles its tiger population, giving hope for saving big cats from extinction’, September 24, Page 1). This remarkable achievement has given hope to conservationists fighting to save the wild cats from extinction. Nepal should keep setting the bar high and do more in order to save the tigers. Meanwhile, this should be a collective effort and other countries too should up their game to save them from extinction.

Mohana Panthi


Published: 25-09-2018 07:46

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