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The wild cards are here

- Abha Dhital

Oct 16, 2018-

Honestly, I could use drama any day, and if it were up to me, I would bring Subha back to the show as the wild card entry (or at least a contender). But the four contestants that we saw rise from the dead weren’t half bad. Meen Kumari, forever humble, deserved a chance to redefine how people remember her. Most of us remember her as the girl who fell ill on the first day. She had to leave the show without giving a single performance. But now she is back, and deservingly so. Meen Kumari completely stole the show. On last night’s episode, we saw her perform, literally against all odds. She completed her task despite a sudden windstorm that almost blew off the itta-bhatta set and still managed to beat her contender, Barsha, to make her way back into the show. The latter did get yet another chance to enter the show too, but she lost by one point to Tejas in what was the first (and probably last) ‘vote-in’ of the season. And oh boy, did Barsha take it personally.

Tejas did a pretty good job too and to be honest, he was more deserving than Barsha, as far as this episode was concerned. Barsha keeps getting chances to shine and then immediately gets sidelined by somebody else. It’s so sad that it’s almost funny. While Tejas’ ‘take it easy’ attitude is charming, I doubt it’s going to take him any further in the show. If there’s one thing that his re-entry means, it’s probably that he was just having a lucky day.

Our angry young man, Sagar, is back too. He was always a good player, just unpopular for some odd reason. Our ‘could-be, should-be’ top five was not so enthusiastic about having him back. Whether they are intimidated or just don’t like his face, it’s hard to tell. But if you ask me, Sagar has the potential to get through immunity challenges and deprive his contenders of the chance to vote him out. He is a self-proclaimed ‘wounded tiger’ after all, and we all know that a wounded tiger is a dangerous beast.

Everyone who thought they had their strategies sorted and their priorities right might have to sit down and plan everything, all over again. The show is getting better, the tasks are getting tougher, and our contenders have turned against each other. Milan and Priveer have broken up, now that they have Sagar to deal with, and separately so. Aayush doesn’t really care about anybody else, but he has to beat Anish to make it to the top.

Last night’s task was well designed. The difficulty levels of the tasks are increasing and the show is only getting better. It has to. I am waiting for the next money task though. We have to see how much these folks are willing to work to get to the top. Meen Kumari has the benefit of being an outsider; she has watched these men and knows their weaknesses. I mean, even if she fails to deliver performance-wise, she’ll probably find her way to talking them into keeping her safe. Tejas will probably be the first one to leave now. Well, only time will tell. Let’s see what goes down next week.

Published: 16-10-2018 10:08

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