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Time to reinvent

- Yogesh Dhungana

Jan 16, 2019-

It is no doubt that Nepal is still struggling to implement the newly introduced political system of federalism. It’s been a more than three years after the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal, but the dynamic change that was promised by our leaders has yet to be experienced.

After the political change, citizens were quite hopeful and positive that there would be rapid growth and progress in terms of social equality and economic prosperity. Nepalis have always struggled to change the course of development. During the people’s movements, public

participation was exceptional and there was unity amongst the people to reinstate peace, democracy and political stability in the country. But it is doubtful if these dreams and aspirations have been realised. Nepal still has to go a long way to attain socio-cultural equality and economic independence.

Even after many political changes, innumerable public debates and two national elections, why are Nepalis still dissatisfied with the government? The answer lies within us. Nepalis want change but they do not want to move towards change.

For instance, during the election, Nepalis chose to elect the same leaders who they blamed for past political mistakes. It is difficult to say whether it was the stupidity or naivety of Nepalis that we keep forgiving the political leaders for their misdeeds, keep electing them and handing them state powers that decide the fate of all Nepalis.

Political leaders sell bigger dreams to common folks and people are ready to forgive and forget their past behaviours.

We do not even question them when they sell almost impossible dreams. When Nepalis are struggling to get safe drinking water, we are sold on dreams that we will have metro trains running throughout the city. We don’t even hesitate to call these political leaders ‘visionaries’. Sometimes, I feel that we should be ashamed of ourselves for giving them so many chances. This is the vicious circle that we go around in as a nation and let it down time and again.

This is one of the reasons that energetic, young and visionary leaders are finding it difficult to create their space in the current political scenario. They are also failing to convince the common people of their plans to uplift Nepal from the shallow ground it is currently in. But it is the people who need to be more aware about these issues and choose the leaders who will work for the people and the country and not just for their own good.

Nepalis keep committing the same mistakes over and over again and then complain afterwards. It is high time that we as a nation make a conscious decision to choose capable leaders and pave the way for overall development.

We need to reinvent our thoughts, actions and activism to bring about the change we deserve.

- Dhungana is grade 12 student at Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara

Published: 16-01-2019 08:18

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