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The bitter truth

- Shaaran Kurumbang

Feb 20, 2019-

The truth is that no one loves you in this world like your parents and family members. I don’t mean to sound like you shouldn’t believe in the love of others. There are some who will care for you like your mother, protect you like your father and support you like your brother, but they are hard to find. They come around once in a lifetime. The truth is that your parents have given almost everything to make you who you are today. They have been giving up their desires to fulfill yours. The truth is that your parents have been living on half-full stomachs so that you can have a full belly. They have been killing their dreams to make your dreams come true. Don’t you feel lucky to have them?

You owe your parents something. That is your responsibility towards them. But how to be responsible? It’s simple--just don’t do anything that might hurt their dignity and standing in the society. They can’t take that kind of pain.

A little later in life, there might come a moment when you want to end your life for whatever reason. You may find yourself in a situation where you feel hopeless. You feel you can’t trust anyone. But have you ever tried trusting your parents? Giving up on life sounds easy but believe me, it is complicated. Whenever you think of giving up your life, you should be aware of the fact that you are someone’s reason to live. Someone in this world exists because of your existence. The truth is that your disappearance can cause somebody to be alone eternally. Take a long breath and ask yourself if you shouldn’t stay alive for your parents? Don’t you think that there might have been a time when they too wanted to end their life? Yet, they are alive. Have you ever thought of the reason why? The reason is you. They have been there for you and when it is your turn to live for them, don’t you want to be with them in their old age? That is the time when they need you most.

One day, everybody will be gone from your life, like they never existed. Your best friends are going to change and leave you alone. One day, you will be on your own. You have to take care of yourself. You have to make yourself smile. You will have to struggle alone. That is the bitter truth. You should stop expecting others to make you happy and comfortable. If others can give you happiness then they can take it away too. So, it is better to prepare yourself. You should first learn to love yourself and be proud of yourself for whoever you are and however you are. Build a strong self-esteem.

The last part of the truth is a little bit personal. The truth is that you might be in love with somebody deep in your heart, but unfortunately haven’t been able to tell them. You might not have been able to tell them that you love them because you are afraid of losing a friend. But where there is no risk, there is no gain. It is true that your heart is broken and in despair. You might have done everything possible to get rid of their memory, but still, a part of you desires them. It is true that you desperately want to make eye contact with them but you lack the confidence to do so. You want to say how good they look today, but you don’t, because you can’t bear to look at them. Someone is in one-sided love with someone else while you are reading this. That someone might be you. Someone is carrying a heart full of love that is drowning them. You might expect them to feel the same way. You might pretend to be a good friend and do everything possible to be around them and make them smile. You might walk on the wrong side of the road to accompany them home. You might pretend to like what they love. You might love them for being as crazy as they are. You might love them for not loving you back. Congratulations. The truth is that you are in love.

Kurumbang is a Bachelor’s student at K & K international College, New Baneshwor

Published: 20-02-2019 10:09

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