France lift second World Cup after winning classic final 4-2

    Agencies, Jul 15 2018
    France won the World Cup for the second time by ending battling Croatia’s dream of a first title with a 4-2 victory on Sunday in one of the most entertaining and action-packed finals for decades.
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    Govt warns action against doctors if services halted

      Post Report, Jul 15 2018

      Government has issued a statement warning of action against doctors if they halted health services across the country.

      The statement issued by Spokesperson at Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Baikuntha Aryal on Saturday night urged against halting health services at a time of natural disasters including floods and landslides hitting the country.

      Nepal Medical Association (NMA), expressing solidarity with fasting Dr Govinda KC, had decided to halt all medical services for one hour in the morning from Wednesday at all hospitals across the country. Dr KC has been staging his 15th fast-unto-death at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences premises in Jumla seeking reforms in the country’s medical education sector.

      The ministry immediately issued a statement warning of action if NMA goes ahead with the services shutdown.

      Here is the statement in full:


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      Flash floods risk in hilly districts: Met department

      Kathmandu, Jul 15 2018
      The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has predicted flash floods in the rivers of hilly districts due to incessant rains, urging people living near the river banks and surrounding areas to remain alert to such possibility.

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      Traffic Police to offer road safety classes to jaywalkers on road

      Kathmandu, Jul 15 2018
      The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MDTP) has started offering two-hour classes on road safety on the road itself to those crossing roads by not complying with the traffic rules.

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      Motorcyclist killed in road accident

      Post Report, Urlabari, Jul 15 2018
      A motorcyclist died after being hit by a car at Urlabari-Bardanga road here on Saturday night.

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      Govt official caught red-handed with bribe

      Post Report, Kathmandu, Jul 15 2018
      A non-gazetted first class officer of Biratnagar-based Land Reform office in Morang was caught red-handed along with bribe on Sunday.

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      Main News

      Sisdole landfill site filled to capacity; garbage collection only after a week

      Jul 15 2018
      Owing to packed Sisdole landfill site, it will take some more days for Kathmandu Metropolitan city to collect the garbage from the Valley. The garbage is not collected in the Valley for a month.
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      Snakebite claims one in Jhapa

      Jul 15 2018
      A 45-year-old person died due to snakebite in Jhapa district on Sunday morning.
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      Fasting doc’s health ‘critical’

      Post Report, Jul 15 2018
      The Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) said that the health condition of Dr Govinda KC became critical on Saturday.
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      Health & Style

      Fiction Park

      Something to fight for

      Ajay Mishra, Jul 15 2018
      The clouds gathered in the sky, obscuring the sun and washing everything in grey light. He glanced at the darkening sky, gathered his tools and started walking home. He had shivered all night without a quilt to keep warm in the winter air. This is why he had desperately hoped that it would be a sunny day. In the morning, the sunlight had cut through the mist to reveal a bright and beautiful expanse. But before too long, clouds had gathered and blocked the sun, draining everything of its warmth and colours.
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      Aptitude and attitude: The 2A’s of banking

      Jul 09 2018
      Anil Keshary Shah started his banking career in 1991 as an assistant in the then Grindlays Bank (currently Standard Chartered Bank). After dedicating 13 years at Standard Chartered, he left the bank at the peak of his career as the chief operating officer and joined Nabil Bank as its general manager and eventually went on to become the CEO. In 2009, he moved to Mega Bank during its inception as the CEO. In February 2018, Shah came back to Nabil to embrace the same designation.
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      Saturday Features

      Beyond my bubble

      Baijayabar Pradhan
      I was born and raised in Kathmandu. Over the years, I have been part of its transformation and of its growing urbanisation.

      Heil Oli!

      You don’t need to give us trains and ships and no, don’t even think about sending Deuba to Mars. Just give us roads without potholes. Give us affordable healthcare and quality education

      A bug’s life

      The new Ant-Man and the Wasp is in much the same humble, low-key mould as its predecessor—this is a superhero who’s not worrying about the fate of the universe for once, and who’s happy to just crack a few jokes, fight off a few baddies

      In search for justice

      In The Girl from Kathmandu, a decade long investigation reveals how Nepali youth are dispensable cogs in the global machinery

      Stand up and be counted

      A teenager in a floral Kimono has been rolling hand-rolled cigarettes in boredom; a man in a knock-off Belgium jersey has been finagling with the overwhelmed, solitary waiter about the beer options. A cloud of smoke hangs heavy over the ceiling, pregnant with expectation.

      The crazy authoritarian doctor

      I think we are all tired of Dr KC now. Why is only Dr KC worried about the health care system and the quality of medical schools in this great country of ours when the rest of us are happy with the shoddy medical services provided for exorbitant fees and really don’t care if byaparis make billions by opening medical schools and providing substandard education to produce incompetent medical doctors?

      Delhi: A city of two tales

      I do not recall how old I was when I had encountered a giant, black-cover book in my father’s bookshelf titled Delhi: The Emperor’s City. The book, which was full of pictures and descriptions of historical monuments and sites, was perfect for a small child. The pictures of the beautiful forts, havelis, gates and bridges fascinated me.

      Thirteen ways of looking at a city

      From the porthole of a moving aircraft, the hills rise languid, undulating like waves on a gently rolling river. Below, in the city, through the stratified squamous smattering of brick and mortar clusters snake asphalt arteries, carrying corpuscles of life.

      A new lease on life

      Jyotsana Simha
      In September 2014, I was diagnosed with left temporal Sub Ependymoma, a low-grade brain tumour. Like all parents, my parents wanted the best possible treatment for me. Overlooking Nepal’s medical institutions, we immediately rushed to India in hopes of a successful treatment. Soon after, I was operated at the All India Institution of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.