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Don’t despair about the climate emergency. Coal is not the future

It’s going to be hard for those who care about and work on climate change but we must dust ourselves off, because neither despair nor emigrating to New Zealand will help solve the mess Australia’s climate policy is in.

FRANK JOTZO, May 22 2019

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Have India’s women seized their chance to vote for a safer, more equal country?

For the first time, more women than men are likely to have voted in the Indian elections. That’s more than half a billion women who have had a say on issues that really matter to them.

Mari Marcel Thekaekara, May 22 2019

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The US must start talking to Iran

Once again Iran is the focus of attention for Washington’s foreign policy hawks—and by extension for the rest of us.


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Deluged with images of ‘beauty’

In the early 2000s, the internet was a key component of my teenage life: many evenings we annoyed my friends’ parents by hogging the phone line and spending hours talking to schoolmates on MSN Messenger.

DAWN FOSTER, May 15 2019

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Cannes 2019 and clouds of controversy

When Thierry Frémaux, artistic director of the Cannes film festival, held the traditional press conference in April to announce the lineup of the 72nd edition, one big name was conspicuous by its absence.

Andrew Pulver, May 15 2019

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Is India the frontline in big tech’s assault on democracy?

In 10 days’ time, two political dramas will reach their denouement, thanks to the votes of a combined total of about 1.3 billion people. At the heart of both will be a mess of questions about democracy in the online age, and how—or even if—we can act to preserve it.

JOHN HARRIS, May 15 2019

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Not in the favour of the victim

Last year the number of rape charges in Britain fell by 23 percent, plummeting to the lowest rate in a decade. The director of public prosecutions, Max Hill, claimed when the figures were announced that this was as a result of weaker cases being screened out.

DAWN FOSTER, May 01 2019

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Stop weaponising beluga whales

Last week, a curious scene played out in the small Norwegian fishing village of Inga. Here, a mysterious white beluga whale appeared from out of the water and proceeded to behave very strangely.

JULES HOWARD, May 01 2019

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Pause before claiming cultural appropriation

Is Gordon Ramsay allowed to cook Chinese food ? Is it OK to dress up as Disney’s Moana? Can Jamie Oliver cook jollof rice despite plainly not knowing what it is?

ASH SARKAR, May 01 2019

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Extinction Rebellion

I am a fan of generation gaps. Though academics and the media love to identify new demographic cohorts—Generation X, Generation Z, Net Gen, Gen Wii—such distinctions often confuse mere fashion with decisive transformations in behaviour, social priority and worldview.


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The only way to rein in big tech is to treat them as a public service

After years of praising their virtues, governments across the world are belatedly waking up to the problems posed by big tech.

Apr 24 2019

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Zelenskiy’s victory was extraordinary

On Sunday night, Volodymyr Zelenskiy jumped up and down on stage as exit poll results flashed on a giant screen behind him.

Apr 24 2019

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Bulldozing mosques

Ten years ago, I started researching Islam among the Uighurs. I spent my summers travelling around the Xinjiang region in western China.

Apr 10 2019

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