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Heartless hoodlums

  • Are you a psychopath? Yes. A pathological liar? Yes. A narcissist? Yes. Then welcome to Nepali politics
- Guffadi
Maybe Ganesh Man Bajey was right. Are we all bhedas?

Aug 12, 2017-Every year, hundreds of thousands of families are displaced due to landslides and floods in this country but our incompetent government never takes any initiative to minimise such disasters.  Either we blame the Gods above or our chimeki for flooding our border areas or the slimy contractors for carrying out shoddy work.  Instead of wasting our time by playing the blame game, why not work on a plan to be better prepared to face the problems in the future? Our Scouts seem to be better prepared than our folks in power!

This country can only move forward when our hardworking civil servants and honest politicians finally take the blame and accept responsibility for their own incompetence. Most of us learn from our mistakes and we work to not repeat it again. It seems that our government never learns from its mistakes and keeps on repeating it because the people do not have the courage to take a stand and hold our folks in power accountable. Our politicians and civil servants should consider themselves fortunate for having such a passive and submissive populace. Maybe Ganesh Man Bajey was right. Are we all bhedas?

Every year, school children raise funds for the families affected by natural disasters in the country. It seems that we the people care for our own brothers and sisters than our incompetent government. We seem to have a soul while our corrupt chors have sold theirs to the devil.

Our highways are obstructed every monsoon, lives are lost but our government is silent. Instead our politicians take helicopters to visit affected areas, announce some relief package that is peanuts while they spend millions and even billions on foreign visits, medical treatments overseas and perks and benefits for themselves. 

If our VVIPs were to receive benefits according to the wealth of this country then they would not even get a bicycle. They would have to walk to work or take public transportation like most of us and breathe in the fumes and polluted air as well. They would either be living in slums along the Bagmati River without any plumbing and sanitation or would be cursing the landlords in the Valley for increasing the house rent by double after the earthquake. But our politicians do not know or choose to ignore the pain and sufferings of the people. And that happens when you live in a bubble and get used to living like kings.

We are one of the poorest countries in the world but our politicians and civil servants are the richest in the world because they make more through kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Former Amriki President Obama has to work his socks off taking on any speaking engagements out there to make sure that he and his family 

can continue to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to but here in this land of ours, our hakim sahebs and chor netas rake in the moolah while in power and make enough dough to last seven generations. 

It’s been more than two years since we got hit by the Big One and our government has forgotten the families affected by the earthquake. The people in the Valley have been waiting to shower with the water from Melamchi for decades and we are still waiting. It seems that the favourite pastime for our civil servants and politicians is to never meet the deadline and keep on procrastinating while milking the funds meant for the development of this country. 

It seems that our corrupt politicians have the brain to win elections by all means necessary. We all know that our Emperor managed to win in Siraha by a thin margin thanks to his magic tricks. And once again, our Emperor and King Deuba have managed to show us all that they know how to win elections by using all the tricks possible to help our Princess become the Mayor!

Earlier, we had Sujata Auntie and she gave us the ‘Lauda’ and ‘Sudan’ scam while her son-in-law probably made billions from his illegal VoIP nataks. Well, Renu 

didi is only a Mayor and not a mantri but let us all hope that she will do good instead of only making sure that her election expenses are recovered with profit.  

But she will also have to make sure that her Kangaroos allies rake in some moolah as well and the only way to make some money is to ask, sorry, extort from contractors and byaparis. Politics is a dirty game and if you want to be a politician someday, then please visit a psychiatrist and get an evaluation first. Are you a psychopath? Yes. Are you a pathological liar? Yes. Are you a narcissist? Yes. Then welcome to Nepali politics.

Our netas have the brain and brawn to cook up dirty schemes to extort from byaparis, civil servants and contractors but what they seem to lack is a heart to understand the feelings of the common citizens. Do our politicians even have a conscience? It seems that they do not know when they are doing something wrong. When will our politicians learn to put themselves in our shoes? How can they continue to loot us all and not feel ashamed at all? What we hoped for were politicians who are willing to do good for this country but so far, we have only gotten parasites who love to enjoy the benefits at the expense of the people!  

Dr KC seems to be the only person in this nation of 30 million people who is willing to sacrifice his life to give us a better tomorrow.  The fight is not only against the medical mafia but the system as well. Our country is suffering from cancer. We still have some time left before our cancer spreads everywhere. Do we want to join Dr KC to be a survivor or do we just ignore our suffering and just die without trying? We the silent majority continue to remain silent. Isn’t it time to take our country back from the clutches of our chors? 

Published: 12-08-2017 08:00

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