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Our civil servants!

  • It’s about time our civil servants stop playing politics and focus only on their job instead of being a political cadrefor our political parties and doing their bidding
- Guffadi
If you want to survive in this country, then you must not speak the truth, you must not stand up for what is right and if you see crimes being committed then look the other way

Sep 8, 2018-Our Prime Monster Oli Dai tells our civil servants to provide quality service at the doorstep of common citizens while wishing them the best on the occasion of the 15th Civil Service Day. I think our man in Baluwatar has never been to our sarkari offices except for Baluwatar and Singha Durbar. And everybody is busy kissing the Prime Monster’s ass and Oli doesn’t know what is really happening in our government offices at all.

Our netas should spend a day or two at our district administration offices, local ward offices, courts and land revenue offices across the country. Only then will they figure out why it is such a hassle to get things done for common citizens at our government offices. Instead of getting our job done in an hour or two, we need to spend the whole day or even a few days to receive the services from our government agencies. And the funny things about our sarkari offices are that our government employees are either on sick leave or out for a meeting or two when you need that person to sign your papers. I think we should make it mandatory for all of our civil servants to sit on their desk minus the towel please and stay put except for lunch and bathroom break.

Please do not disappear an hour after the office opens or an hour before closing time. And yes, the Oli government should ban towels on chairs of our lazy bums. If you want to wipe your nose, hands and face then please bring a handkerchief from home or buy wipes from your own pocket for your own personal use. But in this land of ours, our hakim sahebs and netas want to empty our pockets by raising taxes while using the funds from the state coffer for their own personal use.

Yes, it would be nice if we had home delivery service for our passports, citizenship IDs and other government services as well. But of course, our civil servants are not here to serve the public. There are here to serve their political masters.

Our civil servants are the luckiest folks in this country. They get paid better than most of the folks in the private sector. And they also get to earn extra on the side by asking for chiya kharcha from service seekers. Byaparis and contractors pay commission to our hakim sahebs to get government contracts. But they also have to pay other folks like mantris and hakim sahebs above them for promotions and lucrative transfers and also share the loot from the commissions provided by fake VAT bill byaparis and slimy contractors.

Yes, there was corruption during the days of the Pancheys; it was what one would call ‘under the table’

corruption. Then we had multi-party democracy where corruption was now out of the closet and on the table. And now we are a republic and corruption is everywhere and all the ‘black money’ goes to the tax havens somewhere in the Caribbean and then comes back home as foreign investment from unknown sources.

We all know that it is hard for our civil servants to survive with what they get from the government. But it’s even harder for common folks who do not even make enough to survive at all. No wonder, millions of our young lads and ladies go overseas to make a few Dinars. Oli has promised to eradicate corruption like those before him. We all know that our political parties are the most corrupt ones in the nation and unless these circus companies are forced to strictly follow the rules by our Election Commission things will remain the same. Yes, our political parties do not have to submit their fake financial reports on time. They can get away with breaking the law by not providing 33 percent seats for women in their central committees. Yes, no matter what our chor netas tell us, most of them are male chauvinist pigs who do not want to give our women any opportunity to lead their parties or work in positions of influential authority.

Yes, we have a woman President but she is busy pardoning murderers and handing out medals to the same bunch of corrupt civil servants every year. We had a woman Chief Justice and she nearly got impeached because she was not corrupt and did not bend the law to make our chor netas happy. We had a woman Speaker in the House as well. But having just a few women in the top doesn’t mean that this country is ready for a woman in Baluwatar. Well, in reel life we have Gauri Malla heading the country and I think it’s about time we had a woman to lead us to peace and prosperity because all the old men have failed us miserably.

Our bureaucracy is bloated, corrupt and inefficient. Our netas are interested to loot the state, byaparis and common folks and also extort from our civil servants. It’s about time our civil servants stop playing politics and focus only on their job instead of being a political cadre for our political parties and doing their bidding instead of working hard to provide better services to the people. The PBC (Politicians, Bureaucrats and Criminals) network is pretty strong in Nepal. We cannot dismantle the network because our police wallahs have no power to arrest them even if our courts order them to do so. Our netas in New Nepal have made a mockery of our law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the bureaucracy and nearly everything else in this land.

If you want to survive in this country, then you must not speak the truth, you must not stand up for what is right and if you see crimes being committed then look the other way because the State is not going to help the poor, the needy and the victims or their families. Those in power and position of authority neither have manners nor morals. All they have is a motive to make money by any means even if it means breaking the law and selling this country to the highest bidder. 

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Published: 08-09-2018 07:37

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